Soup To Bones is a family business…from the eldest, 62 years old to the youngest and best partner, my 8 year old daughter.

Chinese culture has long been a main staple in my family.  I grew up in Los Angeles and as far as I can remember, we ate Chinese and Japanese home cooked meals almost 7 days a week.  I remember vividly seeing oriental artwork throughout my home as a little girl.  My father insisted that Miso Soup and Wonton Soup were a must every Saturday night while partaking with the family and during the holidays Colombian Sancocho (artisan soup).

Nine years ago, I was facing infertility and knew my life needed to change at 40.  After the birth of my daughter, I felt a need to take our health issues into my own hands by obtaining a Bachelors degree in Health Science and a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine.  After my first year, I felt that there was a part of me that needed to see, breathe, feel and witness for my own eyes the miracles of Oriental Medicine and so, I embarked on an internship at Shuguang International Hospital in association with the Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, China with specialty in Women’s Health/Infertility/Gynecology while encompassing herbal remedies.

My life took an amazing turn.  I interned in the hospital and found that everyone; doctors, visitors, patients and the staff ate one thing for lunch…Bone Soup.

In researching and in speaking with my peers, I consumed this magical soup which literally filled me with every nutrient my body needed to keep a rigorous intern schedule.  At night, I still felt full and satisfied and normally had a little fruit before bed.

Upon my return I shared my story and only to spark the memories of so many that their grandmothers used to chop/grind and use bones as soup stock.  Even my aunt recalls making bone soup with her mom who was the known healer in her town in Colombia.  Two and a half years ago, our family set out to find a recipe that would really make a difference in my partner’s life since he was facing lead poisoning and a year later, he’s rebound with newfound energy and drinks it two times a day.  In just a few months we’ve expanded to 8 locations and delivery service to your door.

One last remark, if Bone soup dates back over 3,000 then why is it that it’s not readily available…it’s simple…TIME!

So to my Grandma and all the grandma’s out there, here’s to you and thank you!

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

We are Licensed and Insured


Dr. Isali Ben-Jacob writes:There is no better rendition than your Bone Marrow Soup.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, (May 2018), You are such a beautiful soul.  Truly.  People will love your healing broths.” (Instagram Post) @bonemarrowsoup  {Creator of the Bone Broth revolution and studied Biomedical medicine in Switzerland, best selling author of 5 books based on bone broth diet and physician on the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Stephanie Urban, Urban Acupuncture writes:  
Urban Acupuncture is proud to announce that clients and employees alike are feeling the Emerita of Bone Soup. It has been an integral part of my juice fast and has helped me to reach day 17. I am especially grateful to see my blood deficient patients improving rapidly. Anemia is one of the trickiest deficiencies to treat but Bone Soup is producing results faster than herbal remedies. Thank you Bone Soup.   This soup is the best!

MAJ writes:  I think I am addicted to you soup.  I notice the reduction in energy when I don’t drink it!

***I just had surgery and cannot tell you how good I feel, not to mention the progress I saw when consuming the Bone Marrow Soup.

Dr. Franse Lozada writes:  Informacion acerca de la milenaria sopa de hueso. Buenisima para la salud y ya la podemos comprar hecha aqui en Miami. Ya no tenemos que pasarnos 2 o 3 dias preparandola. Yo ya la estaba tomando hecha por mi, pero esta hecha por mi colega Sandra Leyva, esta deliciosa…..

Stacey Solano writes:  This ✌🏻️🌟👍🏻Thank you Bone Soup  #takecareofyourbody

Dr. Magie writes:  Not only full of wonderful properties but very nutritious as well and tastes very good!!!!  Good job Sandra!!!

Dr. Gretel Garcia writes:  I love it!!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Michelle Shellahamer writes:  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing good health to us all. I bought my first batch and it is delicious!   ·

Dr. Far Ananchana writes:  The miracle of collagen and great exercise. Great job my friend!

Dr. Gloria Moreira writes:  Wow! I just made the most delicious butternut squash/sweet potato soup. Just blend all ingredients and heat.

1 Bone Marrow Soup
1 cup cooked bn squash
1 cup cooked sweet potato

1 tsp curry powder
1/2 tsp powdered ginger
1 tbsp maple syrup
1/2 can coconut milk
2 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
Serve with a dollup of greek yogurt and garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds. You won’t believe how good this is

Dr. Mike Floren – Herbal Medicine Awarenes – September 2016 Writes:

In Chinese medicine, there is nothing that is as deeply nourishing to the body, bones, blood and the entire system as bone marrow soup. It’s an ancient remedy for recovery of any disease, injury, febrile conditions, hair loss, osteoporosis, or any musculoskeletal issues.

Some medical professionals will say that eating the bones and connective tissues of animals is the key to keeping a mechanically healthy and happily moving body. You are what you eat? What a supplement for all that work, exercise and aging we do 💪🏼🍵

Sandra at SoupToBones.com conveniently offers some of the purest bone marrow soup on the planet with 🔹Grass Fed Beef Bones🔹

Please do some quick research of your own on the health benefits of bone marrow soup and keep striving to find the best foods out there for yourself and to pass on to future generations ✌🏼️🌏

⚠️Caution: This product may induce feelings of increased mental, physical and sexual energy, enhanced muscular strength, and a greater sense of wellbeing. If you have heavy machinery to operate, after consuming this would be the time

Anonymous writes:

I’ve been meaning to write you…I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the broth!  It tastes amazing and I love how I feel.  Thank you so much!