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Sandra a/k/a "Sopita"

Our Chef and Staff

Sandra Leyva holds a Masters in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors of Health Science.  She is a true herbologist at heart with skills obtained through her internship  at Shuguang International Hospital in conjunction with the University of TCM in China.  Shuguang is an international integrative hospital in Shanghai, China.  

She is also a homeopathic non-practicing physician under Dr. Isali Ben-Jacob and training through Guna.

She also co-founded a high end catering company in South Florida called Jeannetti's Catering, along with a restaurant on Miami Beach for 10 years until the partnership dissolved.  She catered to the stars and did local events such as the South Beach Food and Wine Festival and many others.

Sandra presents her vision, wealth of knowledge and experience to you and your guests. This is HERBOLOGY at its best with only one thing in mind, feeding your body and organs what it needs for health and immune building. 

See, most of us are now being labeled by an ailment, a symptom, a deficiency or excess of an organ.  You've heard..."I need a liver detox", "gall bladder flush", "immune boost" etc. etc.  Soup To Bones focuses on food nutrition and targets an organ or system to improve.  Our products have many proven benefits by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathic, Vegetarian and wholesome, organic diets.  

She and her culinary staff are committed you have a great nourishing meal.  Welcome and enjoy!  

These soups are commercially made with licenses under the USDA and a USDA approved kitchen.


What are we about?

Sandra created Soup To Bones for its strength in Bone Marrow properties.  

Tree of Life KITCHEN is its front of the house shopping manager.  Here you'll be able to pick and choose your items, pick a delivery option and they'll come right to your door!

Shuguang International Hospital Internship 2013

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality which is why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets, growers and vendors.

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No meat, just marrow.  What makes us different from the bone broth industry?  

Bone Marrow Explained - Why you should drink it.

Here's the science of the bone marrow and why you should drink it and limit consumption of meat.

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